About SkyViewCRM

Thousands of companies have never experienced how IT technology can help improve customer service, optimize profits and satisfy employees.Working with CRM and sales at a high level for many, many years, we’ve heard representatives from the board, management, finance, sales, marketing, – and IT functions say the same thing too many times.

They were missing an overview of their customers, prospects, ongoing sales and marketing projects. The staggering investment and long endless projects that would lay ahead of them if they started a CRM solution meant that it was difficult for them to justify the huge investment involved.
After careful consideration, we decided to use all the knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the years in our respective careers and businesses. The result is a great CRM solution!
We have listened to the market and created a learning system that gives you the opportunity to spend the money you earn on creating a better everyday life in a company that continues to exist based on its success.
Partners in SkyViewCRM Peter Grøndahl who among other companies founded Netop Solutions with Partners/Sales in 92 countries, and Annette Andersen with among others companies DTM International the CRM system still developed and sold in several countries. Together we are offering the market the new SkyViewCRM cloud solution.




We listen to the market

History – Vision

The questions kept returning:

Why do we have to use so many hours, months, and years to arrive at a solution?

What do we have to do to establish processes that make things easier rather than adding a burden to our work?

Why do we have to invest thousands of dollars – or in the worst case – millions to arrive at a solution that should evolve naturally?

Why do consulting firms use our employees’ time and ask for a lot of money to describe the processes we already have? And why do the consulting firms subsequently always start all over again to customize or redesign for us?

Why should our IT people have to constantly join courses in order to help us? Why are they often stressed? Why does it always seem that one project after another will only be finalized in the distant future when we need it now?


SkyView’s History and Vision:

We decided to offer you – and the market – a new way of thinking about processes and structures. A way that will mean you spend less time on administration and IT challenges, and more time on networking and talking about how to share knowledge and establish collaboration that leads to increased sales and a better bottom line.

Anyone who suddenly wins millions has the freedom to decide how the rest of their life should be lived.

It is not our vision to give everyone the opportunity to win millions. We do, however, want to give you the opportunity to earn as much money as possible for yourself and your company. So you’ll have the freedom to create your own version of happiness – now and in the future.


What is it we want?

We want to create a new generation of solutions that give you an overview and simple processes that ensure efficiency and profitability in all matters relating to sales, service and marketing. We want to offer solutions for a clear business model that enables you to anticipate costs and avoid costly implementation projects.


How do we do this?

The latest technology enables us to develop a highly effective process, and at the same time, to make use of the many new and emerging media.

We build a system that can be used right away. Without restricting more advanced use.


What makes us capable of achieving this?

We have experience from more than one thousand CRM implementations. All of us have experience from all levels of positions at sales and marketing organizations. We have the resources to develop systems with the latest technology. While all the other major CRM systems are still built on old technology, we have no ties to partners (such as implementation houses) in the value chain, which would hold us back. If we can create a function that saves the customer consultant costs – we will do exactly that.


What can you achieve from this?

More sales. More influence. Benefits of your own IT department – but without the drawbacks. A happier life. More time for other areas that can lift your profitability.


Who is behind SkyViewCRM?

Peter Grøndahl who founded Danware/Netop Remote Control and Annette Andersen with experience of thousands of CRM implementations and development of the market’s most powerful CRM solutions are being brought to the market via SkyViewCRM. All the good ideas, features and solutions are merged together in a new unique product, SkyViewCRM. Why choose anything but the best?


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