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Exchange $4.00 /month per user
e-conomic $4.00 /month per user

Access your valuable data from mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and Androids
1GB disk Space included. Need more Space? Add more for $4.00 per GB per month. Shared by all users.

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If you request two or more licenses, please drop us an e-mail with e-mail addresses and names of the additional users, we will create the users for you.
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Start using SkyViewCRM
right away.

It’s quick and easy!



Free* Data Import into SkyViewCRM

With us you can get started right away.

Once you have purchased access to your SkyViewCRM, most likely you have data you want imported to the system. Customers, prospects and perhaps suppliers is a good start.Do you have data in an Excel sheet, in your  financial system, trade fairs, etc. Please send them to us. We load your data and this way, you can start using SkyViewCRM right away.

In SkyViewCRM is a built-in import function. You can even load your data from Excel.
Do you have your data in another CRM system, we can pull out this data and load them into SkyViewCRM. Send your data to or call now on telephone  +45 70 70 13 12. We are ready to help you get started immediately.
*) We load in the first 1.000 entries for free, provided the data follow our template. We will gladly send you an Excel template to show how. Further data is loaded for kr. 599.- per hour.Give us a call  +45 7070 1312 or send an e-mail if you want more information.


Purchase and Payment terms:

The price per user, per. month is $26.95. The license fee is billed 12 months in advance. If it is not cancelled 30 days prior to the renewal date, the annual agreement will automatically be renewed for one year at a time. If you want to pay six months in advance, you are welcome to do at a rate of $30.75 per. per user per month. The agreement can be terminated with one month’s notice beginning at the start of your agreement and terminating at the end of the following month. If you want to pay monthly, you are welcome do so at the rate of $36.50 per user per month. The monthly agreement may be terminated with one month’s notice beginning at the start of your agreement and ending at the expiration date of the following month.

If you regret choosing the monthly payment plan, you can change to the annual payment plan within the first month of using SkyViewCRM. The price will of course then be $26.95 per user per month.  Even for the month, you HAVE already paid.

If, at a later time, you want to change your monthly plan to an annual one, you can do so. The future payments will then be $26.95 per month .

You can test the demo version of SkyViewCRM for a 14-day trial period using a version that contains the basic SkyViewCRM functions.


See the service terms and conditions.


Add Ons

e-conomic integration: $4.00 per user per month

Microsoft Exchange integration: $4.00 per user per month


Payment of License Fee

The license fee covers use of the solution and support. Payment terms for invoices are 8 days from the invoice date. Late payment incurs penalty at an interest rate of 2% per month and 18.00 US dollars.

User Rights and Upgrades 


The license fee includes full access to the SkyViewCRM system, which by the way is always upgraded. If you need support, you can send an e-mail to:


Disk Space
Disk space of one GB per user for the database with your CRM data is included in the price. If you need more space, you can buy that a cost of 4.00 US dollars per GB (shared by all your users) per month.


Did you hear about SkyViewCRM from one of our Customers? 

If you heard about SkyViewCRM from one of our customers, we would like to thank them. Please enter the e-mail address of the person in the message field, and we will send two bottles of wine as a thank you.