SkyViewCRM because…

You would like to have:

  • A new CRM system the old is too expensive and not up to date
  • The same system on PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet, Windows Phone
  • Better management of emails – they should be filed automatically on the customer
  • Shorter way to the order/purchase
  • A CRM system developed by salespeople for salespeople
  • Overview of all communication with and about the customer
  • Access to viewing your information, no matter whether you are working on the iPad, iPhone, Android, PC or Mac
  • New CRM system with a guarantee that your current data will be in SkyViewCRM
  • SkyViewCRM can  be run in MS-Outlook or a browser at your choice
  • Giving you confidence  that you can start with the necessary and can grow with the system
  • Ability to view your calendar, whether you’re in Outlook or SkyViewCRM
  • A cloud solution, so you don’t have to think about IT, back up etc
  • A supplier with more 20 years of CRM experience.
  • The most advanced, userfriendly, and modern CRM-system at a reasonable price


With SkyViewCRM you don’t have to use $, £ and Euro for IT Consultants

We have bypassed the traditional, costly project approach

The vast majority of CRM projects are sold with a lot of consultancy hours involved. It’s in your company’s interest to keep the project as short as possible. In this way, your investment is of course smaller during the period before you can see the savings and benefits of the solution.

With SkyViewCRM, you get a CRM solution without the long project and expensive consultants. The people behind SkyViewCRM have many years of experience developing CRM software, implementing systems based on our customer’s processes – and  based on solid sales and marketing experience. We have built this expertise into the system, and you benefit from it. We have done everything possible to enable you to get started with the system immediately.


 7 steps to SkyViewCRM in your company

SkyViewCRM helps you manage your tasks.

The following is a 7-step pragmatic approach to start using CRM in around one week.
After this week, the idea is that CRM will help you and your company to become more efficient in your sales efforts and provide a foundation for further development of your CRM processes.

Step 1: Which needs are most important to address?

CRM is such a big concept that we strongly recommend you start by focusing on the essentials.
Choose which two to three areas are most important for you to address first. Many companies choose from the following short list. You can probably find inspiration there, but remember: Only two to three items for a start.

Short list for inspiration:

• Automatic collection of all e-mails to and from everyone in the company, so personal filing in folders becomes unnecessary
• Overview of all activities with all customers and prospects
• Filing of all correspondence with customers and prospects including automatically tracking all e-mails sent and received
• Additional canvasing
• Reliable forecasting
• Gathering information about customers and prospects
• Increase in efficiency of daily work to save time
• Overview of who is where

Step 2: Purchase a CRM system

This critical step is almost self-explanatory, but still it is often a point where a great deal of time is wasted. With SkyViewCRM you have the following benefits:

• The costs are very small
• You can use the system before you make your final decision
• If you want to be cautious – can start out with a small number of licenses
• You get the immediate advantage of having your data structured in SkyViewCRM
• SkyViewCRM is web-based, so don’t need to install any software to get started. When ordering, you will receive an email from us describing how to log on with your user name and password

Step 3: Create users and basic configuration

SkyViewCRM system is ready for use immediately after your first log-in. You can make adjustments, and it may be a good idea to do a little right from the start. In this way, you ensure that you and your colleagues see terms and concepts that you’re used to from your normal work: your catalogs, your customer segments, sales model, and so on.

The people who are going to use the system must be created as users in the system.

Users are created directly in SkyViewCRM. Your sales model and other entities are also created and maintained directly in SkyViewCRM. If you wish, we can help you at this stage, but you can also do it yourself.

If you have already decided how to segment the market, which sales model to use, how to categorize sales projects, and so on, this step will be done within one to two hours.

Step 4: Import Data

Having all the data in the system is a great advantage – and a great pleasure. It means that users don’t need to enter each piece of data manually. it is also possible to have data that comes from an external source continuously updated.
SkyViewCRM system can use data from all sources.

Step 5: Import your own data

It is possible to import valuable data that you and your colleagues already possess (customers, prospects, contacts, etc.) SkyViewCRM is equipped with a range of features to do just that.

The easiest way is to have those imports carried out via Excel, which is easy to do and ensures that the data looks orderly.

SkyViewCRM can help with importing.

Step 6: First plan the campaign if you want to run campaigns

Now the system is working, and it is populated with data, including customer info. And you have learned to use it. An overview of who is doing what, what is written to whom and what you plan to sell to whom are all at hand.
We would suggest that you plan a lead-generation campaign. Working towards obtaining new potential customers is something that almost all companies can use. So why not take the opportunity to let SkyViewCRM help here too? A campaign will also promote the system to users showing them how much more efficient sales can be with SkyViewCRM.


Step 7: Consider some training

You can even start using SkyViewCRM yourself, or you can attend a course. You can get quite far with an introductory course of two hours, and if you want a super-user level of education, two additional hours will do wonders. We are happy to provide a quote on this.


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