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SkyViewCRM helps you work in a systematic and structured way, without having to register data to the point of boredom. SkyViewCRM contains all the features you would expect from a CRM solution. The CRM system offers easy access to all important information about your customers and prospects.

Many CRM solutions are built on top of an ERP system. ERP systems are rule-based and rigid, as everything must of course comply with the law.

This is adequate for many people. But when comparing the workflow for an employee in the finance department with those in sales and marketing, it must be admitted that there are major differences.

Financial Systems

It is an advantage to have one system giving an overview of your customer.

This also includes being able to work with prospects till they give you the first order, whereafter they are automatically copied to your financial system for further invoicing etc.

SkyViewCRM offers integration to, among others, the following ERP/financial systems:

  • E-conomic
  • C5
  • Navision
  • Axapta
  • XAL
  • SAP
  • Great Plains



Facts about SkyViewCRM

Simple to set up

  • No installation or customization necessary
  • The database can contain all clients, prospects and contacts
  • The system can be easily adapted to you and your business

Incredibly easy to use – minimal training

  • Track all activities, such as phone calls and meetings
  • E-mail synchronized with Microsoft Outlook
  • Merge with Microsoft Outlook and Word

Includes these important features

  • Campaign module for marketing campaigns (phone, email or letter)
  • Report generator
  • Sales forecasts and forecast analysis managers

Role og Function

Here are some Questions and Answers  seen from the Sales Manager’s Point of View

Q&A for Sales Managers

1 What makes SkyViewCRM better than other CRM systems?

The design is based on an understanding of the situations your salespeople face in their everyday work life. If salespeople don’t feel that a CRM system is making their life easier and helping them make more money, they won’t bother to use the system. On the other hand, a user-friendly system that adds value to their work will be a part of their daily routine that they’re happy about. In practical terms, this means that they will use the system and, and by doing so, the system will always be populated with information that is of great value to you.


2 Do I have to use the system personally?

Yes you should, and for several reasons. It is your way to stay up-to-date on the current situation, and in this way add your own resources where they are needed. If you are “playing coach,” you can use the system to manage your own sales, which earns respect. In many sales companies, the sales manager is perceived as the one who should provide the sales overview for  Friday sales meetings.

An active CRM system will help you know exactly what is going on, and you will avoid the feeling among your salespeople that the system has been introduced for hidden reporting only.

… And last but not least: SkyViewCRM system will give you time to work creatively and think out of the box when it’s an advantage to do so.

3 Can everyone see what everyone else is doing?

It depends on the system configuration. In some companies, it makes sense that everyone can see everything. In other companies, this is not the case. The system can be customized so that only relevant and beneficial information is visible. For example, it could be set up so you can see the reports for everybody in the team, while each salesperson can only see his or her own.

4 What about the salespeople who refuse to use the system?

In a company with 10 salespeople, usually at least one will not be ready to share knowledge or will be concerned that they are being monitored. There may be several reasons for this behavior, but none that are beneficial to you and your business. Therefore it is important to find out the source of this reluctance to use the system. Is it due to dissatisfaction with something else, lack of confidence in you as a person or simply due to the fact that the person wants to hide his or her low work effort. The solution depends on the cause – but when you tackle it in an upfront way, it is usually easy to handle.


5 What about our existing forecasting system?

The short answer is: Throw it out! With SkyViewCRM, you will always have an updated forecast. If you want, this forecast can have a layout similar to or better than the old one. Or you can export it to Excel or whatever system your bosses prefer. You know the situation where your boss requests an updated forecast in 10 minutes? You run around pushing the salespeople to come up with a forecast here and now. And some salespeople can’t be asked because they’re not around. This kind of panic situation is over and done with when you have SkyViewCRM in your company!

Q&A for Salespeople

1 Isn’t this just another reporting system?

Yes, in a way. But we have designed the system with an emphasis on features that benefit the individual salespeople in their work. What’s more, you won’t need to use other reporting systems. Furthermore, reporting can be seen from a different angle: With SkyViewCRM, there is always an updated forecast of all your sales activities. This will give your boss a better opportunity to keep up, but that means his or her responsibility for assisting you – when needed – is greater, too. In other words, your boss is accountable for his or her level of cooperation. No more negative sales meeting discussions.


2. Do I have to use extra time on SkyViewCRM?

No, actually you’ll experience a reduction in administrative work. No need to spend time writing letters, searching for correspondence or filling out reports. No need to spend time searching for old cases, the latest offer, e-mails sent or received, how your colleagues have interacted with the customer, and so on. And you’ll avoid forgetting agreements or actions that could potentially be of value for you.


3 Can I use the system anywhere?

Yes, SkyViewCRM is cloud based. All data is stored in a protected data center. So you can use the system from a regular browser on the PC that is closest to you. Or use your mobile devices to access data on the go.  (PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Android).

Finally, you can – as some prefer – print out calling lists and activity reports, and then work on paper when you’re not in the office (and do not want to use your iPhone, iPad or Android). Not very trendy, but there are many who like it best when the screen is off.


4. “What’s in it for me?”

You will sell more: SkyViewCRM helps you work more efficiently and target-oriented. No forgotten cases, you always have an overview that shows you where you can use your time most effectively, and you will be able to balance your tasks — first and foremost in the sales pipeline.

You’ll earn more: If you’re paid based on commission, the correlation will be clear.  But even if this is not the case, most companies would never fail to reward their people for more sales.

You’ll sleep better at night: Most salespeople remember periods when they felt a bit behind. Maybe both in terms of budgets and the results that management put forward. CRM provides transparency and an overview, which contribute to your peace of mind.

You are perceived as a professional who keeps your promises: Customers respect people who live up to their agreements. That you return calls or call back when you have promised. That you provide quotes on time. In general, that you always meet the expectations you yourself have built up. CRM will help you to manage these expectations.

You keep your boss on track: Now your boss can no longer say, “You should have told me that a long time ago” or “I want a forecast of at least xxx dollars.” You will now work according to the numbers. CRM shows what has actually happened with the customers and the pipeline, and it’s the sales manager’s own responsibility to stay informed.

Q&A for Consultancy Managers

1 Is CRM also for me and my people?

Yes very much so. Typically, consultants and technicians have much more customer contact than salespeople. This can of course be a valuable resource for sales – provided it is coordinated. This coordination is done via the CRM system. It is possible for the consultants to see what the salespeople are doing and what they are planning to do. And it is actually possible for the salespeople to follow up on opportunities that the consultants discover.


2 What about forecasting?

Forecasting is actually more relevant to you as a consultant manager than it is for the sales manager. This may sound strange at first, but there is an explanation. The use of manpower in your department depends largely on the sale actually being closed. This makes it important for you to keep close track of sales expectations. If it’s too optimistic, you end up with too many personal resources. If it’s too pessimistic, you end up with too few. Both are unacceptable because it damages the customer relationship and enterprise performance. SkyViewCRM allows you to link information about the man hours needed – by profile – with the relevant solutions. This means you will always be able to forecast which resources you must meet.


Q&A for Marketing Managers


1 Is SkyViewCRM also a marketing system?

Yes, you cannot separate marketing and sales. Sales depends on good marketing. And marketing can only be sufficiently targeted and relevant for customers and potential customers if the salespeople help to collect information. That is why SkyViewCRM is designed as an integrated sales and marketing solution. This is evident in, for example, campaigns which enable salespeople to  reach milestones that automatically trigger tasks. In fact, CRM usually helps bridge the gap between marketing and sales.


2. We want very detailed information about our customers; can the system supply that?

Yes, the system itself sets no limitations. There are even a number of features that make it more likely that salespeople will actually bother to register information. Large amounts of data, like for example. all 540,000 companies in Denmark, is no problem.


3 Our campaigns run primarily on cross-selling and relationship selling, can the system handle that?

Again, yes. The system is built so that you can design targeted campaigns based on any single criterion or combination of criteria. Topography, purchase history, vendor relationship or even information that you import from other databases can be taken into account.


Q&A for Managing Directors


1. It seems like CRM is mostly for the sales team – what do I get out of it?

Your advantages – as we see them – can be divided into three groups:

To protect the company’s perhaps most important asset: knowledge about customers
To ensure the smooth functioning of your sales team
To gain the opportunity to always be updated on your company’s success


2 Should I be involved?

Not necessarily, but if you are, it will have the positive side effect that the rest of the organization will use the system with greater enthusiasm. And they will know that CRM system is a vital part of the policy and strategy of the company.


3 What if my parent company is planning to implement CRM globally?

This is a common situation, but it most often takes time. We have heard of cases where it takes several years. And the question is whether you can survive in the meantime without this effective tool in your daily work life. Moreover, a majority of global CRM implementations have gone wrong or stopped before they reached the subsidiaries in all countries. (We speak from personal experience.) Are you in a situation where the parent company has taken a strategic decision, but you need a tactical operational solution – here and now? If so, SkyViewCRM can definitely be that solution. Present it to your management as a tactical, temporary solution until the big solution is implemented. And emphasize the fact that data is open, so it can easily be maintained in the future solution when it comes. What’s more, you subscribe on SkyViewCRM  – with no large upfront costs – so the investment is really minimal.


Q&A for Board Members

1. Why do I need a CRM system?

As a board member, your job is to advise and oversee the company’s operations and future. A CRM system is perfect for this!

In a well-functioning CRM system, you will see how customer buying patterns evolve, the orders that are expected, developments in progress and, last but not least, whether there has been a positive or negative trend lately. Normally – in other words, without a CRM system – you would need to look at historical data (billings) and to listen to management’s subjective explanations. This very fact means that you often get 3-6 months behind in your perception of the company’s real situation.

You do not have to learn the operation of the CRM system (although it’s easy), just sit with the management and ask questions.



Here are some screenshots of various screens.

iPhone screenshots.

See the videos for other examples. NOTE: Link?

From here, you can go to your To Do list and look for companies, contact persons, open quotes,  etc. 



Here you see the ToDo list – the list with all the telephone calls, meetings, notes, offers, opportunities. Here it is easy for you to overlook the individual activities – or add new, so you never forget any possible business opportunity.




The Technology behind the Solution

First of all, let’s be clear that the technology story is not the whole story. It is the CRM system’s understanding of your sales and your everyday needs that is crucial.

But a solid technology gives you the options you need and should not cause constraints – now or in the future.

SkyViewCRM is located in the “cloud” as some call it. This means that you do not have to deal with IT technology.

No installation
No trouble with the backup of your data
You can get to your data from anywhere in the world
Security is vital
You receive all updates automatically

Use your SkyViewCRM where you want. On your PC, MAC on your mobile phone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone) or iPad, etc.

It can be said that SkyViewCRM is the first CRM system that combines the benefits of IT in the cloud and IT on your own server. Indeed, we have chosen to let SkyViewCRM consist of both a cloud part that allows you to use your CRM system from any browser (or mobile device) and an application on your PC, so you can also use SkyViewCRM from a programs like Word and Outlook.
We’ve used acknowledged open standards for all of the system’s components. Your data is stored in Microsoft SQL Server, and it is truly your data. You can have a backup of your own database made at any time.

Communication between your browser/program is carried out via Open Data (Odata) with a well-documented interface that opens the possibilities for connecting other programs and services to your CRM data.

We even built CRM components into popular programs like Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word. Which leads to another important point: these days a CRM system is not enough. What’s needed is a CRM infrastructure.

You can’t expect users to stick to just one system and just one point of access when they work with customers and cases. And yesterday’s CRM systems simply do not reflect this development.

systems design

Systems design


A Message to Management

Start now. The strategy works because there’s always a way to move forward.

In some cases, the choice of a CRM solution means electing not to use other vendors. And that one is bound to a given vendor due to the technology platform. So if today’s solution doesn’t live up to future demands, you may be forced to start over at great expense.

SkyViewCRM, on the other hand, is based on standard Microsoft technology. If you grow out of the system due to usage or technical reasons, SkyViewCRM will deliver a conversion engine, which makes it easy to transfer to Microsoft CRM online or on-premises. Since data is stored in standard Microsoft SQL databases, it is also possible to choose vendors other than Microsoft.


A Message for the IT Manager

If you’re responsible for IT at a company that uses SkyViewCRM, you might want to know that the system is built on a genuine 3-tier application. The user is never directly connected to the database server, and all communication is handled via the middle tier, which also controls security and role-based access.

As mentioned, data is saved in a standard Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database reserved for your company. That means that you can make backups as needed or, if necessary, rebuild in other environments.

If you want to connect to other systems (for example, an order-entry system or management information), this is easy to do with your CRM data via a standard OData call to the SkyView CRM middle tier.


Use your SkyViewCRM where you want. On your PC, MAC on your mobile phone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone) or iPad, etc.

SkyViewCRM can be said to be the first CRM system that combines the benefits of IT in the cloud” and IT on your own server. Indeed, we have chosen to build SkyViewCRM as it consists of a Cloud part that allows you to use your CRM system from any browser (or mobile device) and a “real” application for your PC, so you can also use SkyViewCRM from a program as for excample Word and Outlook

System Requirements

SkyViewCRM can be used on all platforms.

Use SkyViewCRM on a PC, Tablet, iPad, Surface or on a Mac

All newer versions of popular browsers are supported.

If you need to create new users – or change user passwords – you can do that yourself, as long as you are administrator.

Use SkyViewCRM in Outlook – Office

You can use SkyViewCRM in your Outlook.  Office version 2013 or newer.

Use SkyViewCRM on mobile devices

Mobile devices where the browser supports HTML5 can be used. This goes for all Apple (iPhone and iPad) devices with the newest versions of the operating system, all Androids with newer versions of the operating system and all Windows Phones with the newest operating system.


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