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How does the SkyViewCRM user interface look, and how do I use it?

Introduction to SkyViewCRM – One solution – fits all.

SkyViewCRM on SmartPhones


How to integrate SkyViewCRM directly in MS Outlook.


Installation of Microsoft Office Add-Inn.


How to create templates directly in Microsoft Word.


It’s easy to use Microsoft Word templates in SkyViewCRM.


It’s easy to create mail-templates in SkyViewCRM.


Look how easy it is to use Outlook mail templates in SkyViewCRM.


Campaign Infotags – the quickest way to find companies and persons in SkyViewCRM.


Search in SkyViewCRM – easy to find information across all SkyViewCRM data.


Business Intelligence in SkyViewCRM with Microsoft Excel.


See here,  how you get started with SkyViewCRM quick and easy

Getting started easily with SkyViewCRM – same user interface on all devices

SkyViewCRM is an advanced CRM system. You can start the solution on the platform of your choice. SkyViewCRM uses Universal Interface. This means you use the same user interface regardless of whether you choose PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone, Android or another device. It’s easy to find your way around the system. And you can save a lot of money on training yourself and your colleagues – there’s only one interface to learn. SkyViewCRM Universal interface on ALL platforms:

On PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone, Android or any other device
SkyViewCRM - forside

Getting data into your new SkyViewCRM system

You can use the advanced import function to get started working in SkyViewCRM quickly. This function allows you to import pre-defined Excel templates adding your own information about companies and contact persons. These sheets are automatically loaded into your SkyViewCRM database.

This could be data from your financial system, data from previous CRM systems or other systems.

If you do not want to import your data yourself, we can offer to deliver SkyViewCRM with the data that you want (fees may apply). Contact us now.

If you are using another CRM solution, such as Salesforce, SuperOffice, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, webCRM, SOHO, Sugar CRM or other CRM-systems, there are usually built in export functions. You export to a spreadsheet, which is then easily imported into SkyViewCRM via the advanced import function.

When customer and supplier data is loaded from the ERP system, they should also be loaded as customers and suppliers in SkyViewCRM. You can automatically transfer contacts from Outlook and tag them in SkyViewCRM as potential customers. Furthermore, you may have potential customers in multiple spreadsheets or other systems.

SkyViewCRM is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office and synchronizes with Outlook. Whether appointments are created in Outlook or SkyViewCRM, the two calendars will be identical. E-mails are synchronized so that all incoming and outgoing messages are saved under the right people in the right companies. So there’s no more time wasted on filing in a lot of subfolders in Outlook. All mails can easily be retrieved in SkyViewCRM at any time.

If you want to mail merge with templates in Microsoft Word or Outlook, this is done directly in SkyViewCRM. Templates are easily created in Microsoft Word or Outlook and uploaded directly to SkyViewCRM.

When customers and prospects are ready, you can create the first activities, such as meetings and telephone calls. You’re already up and running with CRM in your business. And you and your customers may soon feel the benefits in terms of more business and better service.