Let your SkyViewCRM System Archive your emails for you. Automatically!

Let your SkyViewCRM system archive your emails for you. Automatically!

Let your SkyViewCRM system archive your emails for you. In fact, let it archive all emails to and from customers and vendors. Everything is archived and filed in journals so you can easily find it again. And if it’s important for certain of your colleagues to see what information has been exchanged with customers (either written or verbally), they can also see whatever they need to.

If you want to file the emails yourself, you can, and if you want to use Exchange to automate this, you can do that too.

Many companies come up with their own archiving methods. And many people go around sending bcc and cc mails to each other every day, just to stay updated. This means that the same email is archived by various parties every day. And that amounts to a lot of wasted time.

If bcc or cc mails are not sent, on the other hand, it can make it impossible to find a given mail with the information needed. Due to the fact, that each single person has the mail on his/her own PC (or other device).

In some companies, for example, it’s difficult to know what the latest version of an offer looks like because the offer is constantly being updated and sent by a new mail every time – very often with the same topic. The question then arises: What is the latest email with that particular offer? That’s why it really pays off to standardize the way e-mails are handled.

And when on top of it all, you can set up sales opportunities, let the system automatically create versions 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. of an offer, send them via mail and have complete control of everything, it becomes clear how much time you can save.  And it’s easy to see that it pays to take control of tasks with the help of a CRM system.

This is really one area where structure can help most companies – in one company we helped them save 10% of the employees’ combined time – this was a company with 2.000 employees – the themselves calculated, they could save 211 man years. Imagine what this means bottomline in a company – and imagine how much duplication work you could avoid – also in your Company.

Send us a mail, if you wish to learn more – Soeren Rasmussen – sra@SkyViewCRM.com – or have a look at our homepage – www.skyviewcrm.com.

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