External telemarketing – does it work?

External telemarketing – does it work?

Do you use an external telemarketing resource to book meetings?

Does it work?

People can sometimes get fed up with phone calls from external telemarketing agencies trying to book meetings. If you use external telemarketing companies, it can give the impression that you feel that your time is more important than the person receiving the call.

But! If it is handled in a professional manner, no one will mind.

And when it comes down to it, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the telemarketing agency is perceived as professional.

You must make it crystal clear who you want the telemarketing agency to reach. The agency should only phone those people whom you really want to talk to, and whom you believe will benefit from your offer, just as you will benefit from them working with you and purchasing from you.

So you need to have the right prospects, based on the target group, you want to sell to – and their data needs to be put in a CRM system so you can continuously measure the effect of your efforts. (One of our customers used US$ 72.250 on an external telemarketer per year before they implemented SkyViewCRM. It turned out that they could have only used US$28.900, when they started to measure results on an ongoing basis.

So first of all: good segmentation – if you only want to connect with the Managing Director of Company X, that’s who you should phone and meet with.

After that, prepare for the meeting with the information you think is relevant.

Next, the meeting is held, and it should resonate with the prospective customer.

You might give an offer, and the offer should be structured so that it makes a positive impact on both the heart and the mind of the prospective customer.


And in this way, the chance that it will end in an order is greater than it otherwise would have been.

  • Find the right targets and the right contact persons
  • Have a telemarketing agency phone and set up meetings – or do it yourself
  • Prepare for the meeting with the relevant data
  • Execute the presentation and meeting in a professional manner
  • Send an offer that addresses the concrete issues your prospect has put forth
  • Receive the order

And make sure that all the information is always in your CRM system because that’s the only way you can make sure that all the steps of your sales process are in order.

A CRM system should be easy to use. In SkyViewCRM, you can simply read your notes out loud after a sales meeting, and the system will enter what you’ve said.

Could it be any simpler?

At your sales meetings, you can just discuss the report, which will show who is good at what – and in this way you can learn from each other’s expertise. One person may be good in some parts of the sales process, another in other areas. If you continue to talk about how the optimal communication should be – all salespeople will one day be equally good.






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